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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bonnie Bear "Star of the Day"

Name: Bonnie Johnson
Company: BonnieBear Crafts: Handmade with Love
State: Delaware

Featured Product: Sedona Felted Art Purse

Description: Have you ever seen the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona? They are beautiful against the crisp blue sky. This purse was created in Sedona after buying yarn from the local yarn shop, Red Rock Knit Shop!The purse is hand knitted then felted. Each purse I create is unique and one of a kind. Why buy something that is massed produced when you could have something that no one else in the world owns? This purse is very lightweight and unlined. It measures 8 x 8 inches, with a shoulder strap. The purse can be machine washed in cool water and air-dried
What would you like to be known or recognize as a crafter/artisan?
I would like to be known as someone who makes unique, quality gifts that are handmade with love.

What motivates or inspire you to do crafting?
I have always been a very creative person and this allows me to exercise that creativity, have fun and reconnect with my inner child!

Given today as a day you can do whatever you like, how would you spend today?
I would never be at a loss to fill up my day with happy diversions. Some of those diversions would be playing with my grandsons, knitting a warm afternoon away while sitting in my gazebo and reading a good book.

What are your favorite designs/creations?
My favorite creations are my collectable art bears. I will never tire of finding special yarns that just yearn to make into a lovable bear. My favorite designs can be found in my knitted purses. I am constantly creating different patterns, using different colorways and trying to use up my stash.

Where can they see your crafts and designs?
My shops can be found on artfire and etsy.

What’s the best customer service you can offer?
I mail their package off by the next business day and include a free gift with each purchase. I also want my customers to be 100% happy with their purchase. When I do custom orders, I submit them first on artfire or etsy so they can have a chance to preview before committing to a purchase.

What’s your hopes and desire for your crafting?
I would love to have more time to spend creating and designing my felted purses. I just can’t seem to knit as fast as I create which can be frustrating. I am always interested in exploring different crafts and learning different skills. I also hope that in the near future I will have enough time to actually teach classes on knitting and crocheting.

Can you share a message to fellow crafters/artisans?
Never ever stop playing! I will never apologize for the time I spend creating, playing, knitting, and painting. It is absolutely crucial in helping me to keep centered and balanced in these turbulent times. I try and carve out time every day to just be with me and play!
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