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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tropical Crush "Star of the Day"

Name: Leslee Giovale
Company: Tropical Crush
State: Kailua, Hawaii

Description: This bag is a great size for everyday.Holds all you need, a magazine fits inside with plenty of room for all of your other goodies.It is fully lined with one inside pocket.Made with high quality tapestry recycled from scrap fabric.

What would you like to be known or recognize as a crafter/artisan?
Fun, up-lifting, fresh and colorful bags, jewelry and pottery. Most people remember me for the colors I use, I love color!

What motivates or inspire you to do crafting?
All of the fantastic colorful parts of nature that surround me. I am lucky enough to live in Hawaii and have an amazing view of the mountains on one side and Kailua beach on the other. I am able to work at home and do what I love full time so I stay creative most of the time. As long as I can do different things, I stay inspired and not get bored.

Given today as a day you can do whatever you like, how would you spend today?
Anything?! O.K. I would go sky diving on the north shore early in the morning, horseback riding from the mountains to the beach in the afternoon and then to the spa for a 2 hour massage, haircut, mani/pedi and finally down to a torch lit beach for a fresh seafood dinner with a few friends.

What are your favorite designs/creations?
Oh my! I have such a diverse appreciation of what the human mind can create. I guess I like things that are colorful, fun and joyful while being natural. Pottery has always been a love of mine since I was very young.

Where can they see your crafts and designs?
Hawaii State Art Museum, Nohea Galleries in Kailua, Waikiki and Ward, Pacific Gateway Center downtown Honolulu and on

What’s the best customer service you can offer?
I take custom orders for bags and jewelry, ship items that are packaged well, I also gift wrap for free for anyone interested.

What’s your hopes and desire for your crafting?
I would love to be able to continue in the business for the rest of my life, I will never stop creating things.

Can you share a message to fellow crafters/artisans?
Never let anyone tell you can't do anything! Always give your very best and you will never regret it.
Many artists are discouraged from creative lives by others, it is very sad to know what you love and are great at went by the wayside.

Kraftouch: Can I use picture of your work to post in my blog as part of your featured interview?

Tropicalcrush: Sure!

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