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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Silver River Jewelry "Star of the Day"

Name: Sonja

Company: Silver River Jewelry

"whimsical jewelry from my heart and hand to yours"

State/Location: Ohio

Featured work/design:

Triangle pendant cut from sheet metal, lightly textured with dragon flies stamped on all three corners. two mother of pearl cabs, one blue and one green give the same shimmer as the wings of a dragon fly.

What would you like to be known or recognize as a crafter/artisan?

I would like to be known for unique, well made items that last a lifetime.

What motivates or inspire you to do crafting?

Everything. Its more of a need than inspiration lol! I do get inspiration almost everywhere. I have a line of pendants that was inspired by painting at a restaurant.

Given today as a day you can do whatever you like, how would you spend today?

In my workshop working on metal.

What are your favorite designs/creations?

Right now my favorites are my wildflower in copper series of pendants.

Where can they see your crafts and designs?

This is my main site, it shows a small sampling of my work and gives links to other venues where I have most of my items listed for sale.

What’s the best customer service you can offer?

Good contact with the customer from that first thank you for your order this is when I am shipping, to making sure that the product is the best that it can be and shipped in a timely manner.

What’s your hopes and desire for your crafting?

I want to do this full time and quit my day job.

Can you share a message to fellow crafters/artisans?

No matter what if you are doing what you love don't give up. And don't let yourself get burned out by the non crafty side, take the time to step back and take a break if you need it.

Marilou:Mahalo for your time

Sonja: Thanks for doing this! I will add a link to your blog from mine also.

1 comment:

Silver River Jewelry said...

Thank you so much! You did a beautiful job!

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