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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Artwork by KD "Star of the Day"

Name: Kathy DellaValle

Company: Artwork by KD

State: Pennsylvania


Description: Ultra-FunKy earrings hand-cut out of recycled aluminum beer cans!Feather light.Not sharp.Hand made sterling silver filled ear wire!

***Made to order, your earrings will be similar to this pair.

What would you like to be known or recognize as a crafter/artisan? -


What motivates or inspire you to do crafting? -

Color, texture and shapes are big inspirations to me. Another inspiration is trying to reuse containers/bottles to save them from getting the heave-ho!

Given today as a day you can do whatever you like, how would you spend today? -

I would be at my desk making tons of new, funky pieces out of recycled materials and also I would be overwhelmed with orders :-) (First part is a typical day)

What are your favorite designs/creations? -

Anything with rich, bold color. Simple designs/shapes go a long way with a pop of color.

Where can they see your crafts and designs?

What’s the best customer service you can offer? -

Fast, friendly responses, fast shipping, fun to receive and open (handmade) packaging, an original, beautiful handmade product, coupons for the future, affordable prices, helping to reduce waste with every I missing anything?

What’s your hopes and desire for your crafting?

I hope to develop a great customer base and have lots and lots of steady sales/orders. I'd also like to be at many stores all over the country and world! I'm also a musician (, so I'd also like for my music business to grow along with my art!

Can you share a message to fellow crafters/artisans?

The 3 'P's you need to have every single day: Persistence! Patience! And Passion! Don't wait for sales and customers to find you, go out and find them! Love your work, wear your products, give them out as gifts/promos, always carry business cards, etc. Do lots of arts/crafts shows around your area and take advantage of all the free online promoting. And ask questions! Ask other successful business people about what they do and how they do it.

Kraftouch: Can I use picture of your work to post in my blog as part of your featured interview?

KD: Absolutely!

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