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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nicki Leigh Bath & Body " Star of the Day"

Name: Nicole Thomas
Company: Nicki Leigh Bath & Body
State/Location: Chalfont PA


Description: Refreshingly warm green tea combined with cool cut cucumbers; a sublime treat for the senses. Made with top notch ingredients that include jojoba and avocado oil, this is what your dry skin has been crying out for! Breathe life back into your with this conveniently sized, 1.3 ounce body balm.Each of our body balms are made from scratch using natural butters and oils that are formulated to moisturize and combat dry skin conditions such as eczema..Remedy these pains and your dry skin by keeping it moisturized! This luxurious solid lotion soothes and protects dry skin all day long; even through hand washing! Just a single application lasts a full 24 hours!

What would you like to be known or recognize as a crafter/artisan?
I would like to be known for creating quality and safe products for those who may have sensitive skin conditions.

What motivates or inspire you to do crafting?
In all honesty? Nature. I know it may sound so cliche, but I get my best ideas when I am outside hiking.

Given today as a day you can do whatever you like, how would you spend today?
This one is a very hard choice. I would likely spend it with my fiance and have a nice long walk. That is what we did this past Saturday and I am aching for the weekend.

What are your favorite designs/creations?
Currently my favorite products to make have got to be my lip balms and body balms.

Where can they see your crafts and designs?

I have to shops, one on etsy and one on artfire. They are:

What’s the best customer service you can offer?
The best customer service I can offer is swift shipping as well as a quick response to all forms of contact. I also send a thank you convo or e-mail to my customers after a purchase has been made. I have also worked with a few past customers on custom orders where we bounced ideas back and forth until the customer got something they enjoyed.

What’s your hopes and desire for your crafting?
My craft is my home business. I would like to be able to use it to support myself and my family. However, I do not want to get so large that my customers will just become numbers. I love knowing who my customers are. I have also checked in on some past customers asking them how their son, daughter or dog is. I have made quite a few new friends this way. To me, that is most important.

Can you share a message to fellow crafters/artisans?
Before I went into this business I did a lot of research. I read up on permits I would need. I paid for my business insurance and I tested and retested my product for months before even offering it to the public. As exciting as it can be to start a new craft and wanting to sell right from the get-go, take some time to get comfortable with it. Do not jump in too soon until you are certain that you are selling your best product. It is so important for you to be proud of your designs and to back it up honestly. Never lie to a potential customer just to get a sale. It is so much easier to tell the truth ;)

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